Ten Functions  of a Publishing Company:

ACQUISITION – finding people with good book ideas for market (or writing a book)

PLANNING & FOCUS - Determining the reach of a particular book, clarifying the market to which it is aimed, refining the idea and narrowing down what the author wants it to look like. Author name or penname

BOOK EDITING & CRITICAL ANALYSIS - Cleaning up the manuscript, taking it from first draft stage to refined final product, getting the book into logical, clear order. Removing non-essential parts, adding necessary parts. Getting any necessary permissions in writing.

DESIGNING – Clarifying artistic vision; choosing most effective layout, paper, size, binding, margins

ART DIRECTION – Artistic work; implementing and creating graphic design, fonts & font sizes, coordinating illustrations & their placement, choosing best cover art for the product

COPY EDITING – Proofreading; correcting grammatical & spelling errors, punctuation, etc.

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT – Coordinating printing & EBook Creation – coordinating with printer, preparing final submission, correcting errors, getting ISBN and barcode, copyright, and proof copy

DISTRIBUTION – SETUP of delivery & marketing channels desired

SELLING – Setup of online stores & making book available to appropriate booksellers

MARKETING & PROMOTION – Managing Company website & social media promotions, setting up Google Analyticst, refining website and product placement for best effect, Corresponding with & visiting retailers, coordinating author book signings and speaking engagements.

Authors, Composers & Historians

Keithley Creek is a small independent publisher, with experience in layout of books, sheet music and family histories. Editing, layout and printing are the first step. Exposure  and distribution is the more difficult job in a competitive market. We work with you to refine and reach your intended audience. 


Keithley Creek is committed to quality products that promote truth, peace and positive living. After the editing and refining process, and obtaining necessary permissions and copyrights, we help market our authors' best material to reputable sellers and venues. 

Serving You

We bring in-person marketing help and personalized service  to rural Idaho and all of the United States, connecting local and first-time authors and composers to worldwide exposure. We provide quality editing and layout, and help walk you through the promotion process. 

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